BWF World Championships

22 December 2021
BWF World Championships

This year's Badminton World Championships took place from 12 to 19 December 2021 in Huelva, Spain for the 26th edition of this event. 

It should be noted that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of the Indonesian delegation did not attend these championships.

In this article, we focus on the different players who participated in the Orléans Masters 2021.

single man :

The Frenchman, Toma Junior POPOV, lost from the start in the round of 32 against Toby PENTY.

On the other hand, the Indian player, Kidambi SRIKANTH, did very well by reaching the final against the winner Kean Yew LOH, who is the first Singaporean to win a medal at the Worlds.

As for Mark CALJOUW, he lost in the quarter-finals to Kidambi SRIKANTH.

Just like H.S PRANNOY who also lost his match in the quarter finals against the winner.

Single woman side :

Thailand's Pornpawee CHOCHUWONG will not make it past the round of 16.

Just like the Dane, Line CHRISTOPERSEN, who lost in the final at the Orléans Masters to Busanan ONGBUMRUNGPAN.

In men's doubles :

Unfortunately, the French brothers Christo POPOV and Toma Junior POPOV did not win anything.

The two Englishmen Ben LANE and Sean VENY lost in the 16th final to the Frenchmen Fabien DELRUE and Guillaume VILLEGER who lost in the 8th final to the Japanese.

Women's doubles :

Thailand's Jongkonphan KITITHARAKUL and Rawinda PRAJONGJAI as well as the two Bulgarians Gabriela STOEVA and Stefani STOEVA reached the quarter-finals.

Match between two Danish teams in the round of 16, Maiden FUERGAARD and Sara THYGESEN win against Alexandra BOJE and Mette POULSEN.

Mixed doubles :

The pair Mathias CHRISTIANSEN and Alexandra BOJE, the pair Robin TABELING and Selena PIEK and the pair Mathias TYRRI and Mai SURROW did not make it past the 8th finals.

After having seen most of the performances of the Orléans Masters 2021 players at the 2021 World Badminton Championships, the Orléans Masters wishes you happy holidays and see you soon in 2022...

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