HYLO Open 2023

6 November 2023
HYLO Open 2023

From October 31 to November 5, the Hilo Open 2023 took place at the Saarlandhalle in Saarbrucken, Finland.

Let's take a look back at this super300 tournament, where we meet up with some of the players who have played at Orléans Masters Badminton!

Quarter-finals :

Men’s singles :

Semi-finalist at this year's Orléans Masters Badminton presented by VICTOR, Nath NGUYEN lost here in the quarter-finals to Tien Chen CHOU in 3 sets: 19-21/22-20/21-18.

French Alex Lanier, quarter-finalist in Orléans, wins 14-21/23-21/22-20 against Belgian Julien CARRAGGI.

In a very close match, Toma Junior POPOV won 21-14/17-21/26-24 against the Czech Jan LOUDA.

The duel between brothers who had played at the Orléans Masters did not take place. Christo POPOV lost to Cheuk Yiu LEE: 17-21/21-16/21-11.

Women’s singles :

We find two semi-finalists of the OMB presented by VICTOR 2023. Norway's Line Hojmark KJAERSFELDT defeated Germany's Yvonne LI 21-12/18-21/21-14.

Kirsty GILMOUR won easily 21-8/21-14 against Malvika BANSOD.

Pornpawee CHOCHUWONG defeats Shuo Yun SUNG 17-21/21-18/21-12.

In a rematch of a 1/16th final of the OMB presented by Victor 2023, Beiwen ZHANG again defeated Frenchwoman Xuefei Qi 21-11/21-14.

Men’s doubles :

The German pair LAMSFUSS / SEIDEL beat the HE / REN pair 23-21/21-15.

LEE and WANG win against the TAN / ZHOU pair: 21-16/18-21/21-18.

The Danish pair SONDERGAARD / TOFT won the match against the Chinese CHEN / LIU in 3 sets: 21-17/18-21/21-17.

Winners of the Orléans Masters presented by VICTOR 2021, England's LANE / VENDY are through to the quarter-finals after losing to China's LIU / OU in 3 sets 17-21/21-17/21-18.

Women’s doubles :

We are joined by Denmark's FRUERGAARD / THYGESEN, semi-finalists at the Orléans Masters Badminton by VICTOR 2023, who were eliminated in the semi-finals after losing to China's ZHANG / ZHENG: /21-11/21-12.

Finalists in Orléans, China's LIU / TAN beat the pair LEE / TENG in 2 sets 21-14/21-19.

The French pair LAMBERT / TRAN qualified for the semi-finals in 3 sets against the pair JILLE / SEINEN: 19-21/21-17/21-16.

On to the semi-finals for the RAHAYU / RAMADHANTI pair, who beat the LI / LUO pair in 2 sets: 21-12/21-13.

Mixed doubles :

YE / LEE beat German pair LAMSFUSS / LOHAU in 2 tight sets: 22-20/24-22.

TANG and TSE won in 3 sets against FERDINANSYAH and WIDJAJA: 21-15/20-22/21-13.

The Danish duo CHRISTIANSEN / BOJE qualify for the semi-finals following a victory over the duo TABELING / PIEK: 21-13/21-12.

The Indonesian pair KUSUMAWATI / KUSHARJANTO secured a place in the semi-finals against HEMMING / VAN LEEUWEN in 2 sets: 21-14/21-12.

Semi-finals :

Men’s singles :

It was the end of the road for our French representative Alex LANIER, who lost 21-19/19-21/21-15 to Tien Chen CHOU.

Frenchman Toma Junior POPOV, winner of the Orléans Masters Badminton by VICTOR in 2021 and 2022, also lost in 2 sets to Cheuk Yiu LEE: 21-17/21-12.

Women’s singles :

In this duel between two players who passed through Orléans in 2023, Denmark's Line Hojmark KJAERSFELDT won in 2 sets against Kirsty GILMOUR: 21-16/21-17.

Following walkover by Thailand's Pornpawee CHOCHUWONG, Beiwen ZHANG qualified directly for the final.

Men’s doubles :

The two Chinese Taipei representatives, LEE and WANG, won in 2 sets against the Germans LAMSFUSS and SEIDEL. (21-15/21-19).

The LIU / OU pair qualified for the final. They beat the SONDERGAARD / TOFT pair 21-17/19-21/21-17.

Women’s doubles :

Finalists in Orléans, China's LIU / TAN were defeated in the semi-finals. Defeated in 3 sets by their compatriots ZHANG / ZHENG 21-8/13-21/21-15.

They will be joined by Indonesia's RAHAYU / RAMADHANTI, who beat France's LAMBERT / TRAN, present at the OMB by VICTOR 2023: 21-12/21-15.

Mixed doubles :

TANG / TSE win 21-13/17-21/21-13 against YE / LEE and advance to the finals.

Semi-finalists in Orleans in 2023, KUSHARJANTO AND KUSUMAWATI in the final! Victory in 3 sets over CHRISTIANSEN and BOJE: 15-21/21-17/21-19.

Finals :

Men’s singles :

Number 1 seed Tien Chen CHOU defeated Cheuk Yiu LEE 21-23/21-17/21-10.

Women’s doubles :

In the women's category, 2 players were present at the OMB by VICTOR 2023. American Beiwen ZHANG, a finalist in Orleans, won here 21-18/16-21/21-16 against Denmark's Line Hojmark KJAERSFELDT.

Men’s doubles :

The title went to the Chinese, as LIU and OU beat LEE and WANG 24-22/21-13 in the final.

Women’s doubles :

In the women's doubles final, the Chinese pair ZHANG / ZHENG beat the Indonesian pair RAHAYU / RAMADHANTI 21-12/21-15.

Mixed doubles :

The Indonesian pair KUSHARJANTO / KUSUMAWATI, semi-finalists at the OMB presented by VICTOR, lost here in the final to the pair TANG / TSE: 15-21-15/21-14.

We'll be back very soon to relive and follow the players who came to Orleans Masters Badminton during the 2023 edition of the Korea Masters 2023 (super300) in Gwangju, Korea.

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