Korea Open 2023

13 November 2023
Korea Open 2023

From November 7 to 12, the Korea Masters 2023 took place in Gwangju, Korea.

Let's take a look back at this super300 tournament, where we meet up with some of the players who have played at Orléans Masters Badminton!

Quarter-finals :

Men’s singles :

Tzu Wei WANG won in 3 tight sets 21-13/21-23/21-18 against his compatriot Jhuo-Fu LIAO.

Japan's Koki WATANABE at the Orléans Masters by VICTOR 2023 wins 21-11/21-19 against Chun-Yi LIN.

Present in Orléans, Malaysian Jun Hao LEONG lost here to Chinese Lan Xi LEI: 21-14/22-20.

Present in Orléans like his compatriot, Joo Ven SOONG lost to Kento MOMOTA 21-16/21-11.

Women’s singles :

Seeded number 1, Ga Eun KIM lived up to her billing with a 21-11/21-14 win over Manami SUIZU.

Asuka TAKAHASHI wins 22-20/24-22 against Wen Chi HSU.

At the Orleans Masters presented by VICTOR 2023, Ester Nurumi Tri WARDOYO defeated Pornpicha CHOEIKEEWONG 21-19/21-19.

In a Japanese duel, Tomoka MIYAZARI defeats Natsuki NIDAIRA: 21-5/22-20/21-17.

Men’s doubles :

Korean home pair KANG / SEO beat GOH / IZZUDDIN 21-18/21-10.

LEE and YANG win against the CHANG / PO pair: 16-21/21-12/21-14.

The LEE / LEE pair present in Orléans won the match against the Japanese MITSUHASHI / OKAMURA in 2 sets: 21-12/21-18.

The Japanese pair ENDO / TAKEI reach the quarter-finals after losing to LEE / WANG in 3 sets 21-16/29-30/21-11.

Women’s doubles :

We find the Japanese HOROKAMI / KATO who win against KIM / KIM: 21-11/21-17.

Chinese Taipei representatives LIN and HSU beat the YANG / CHAN pair in 2 sets 21-15/23-21.

The Japanese pair HOBARA / SUIZU qualified for the semi-finals in 3 sets against the pair KIM / LEE: 21-14/16-21/22-20.

On to the semi-finals for the JEONG / KIM pair, who beat the CORBETT / LEE pair in 2 sets: 21-6/21-12.

Mixed doubles :

Compatriot duel at home, the Korean pair SEO / CHAE beat the pair KIM / LEE in 2 tight sets: 22-20/24-22.

CHEN and TOH win in 2 sets against CHIU and LIN: 21-19/21-17.

The Malaysian duo GOH / LAI qualify for the semi-finals following a victory over the duo KIM / JEONG: 16-21/22-20/22-20.

The Chinese pair JIANG / WEI secured a place in the semi-finals against TAN / LAI in 2 sets: 21-19/21-9.

Semi-finals :

Men’s singles :

Present at the Orléans Masters Badminton 2023 by VICTOR, Koki WATANABE qualified for the final following his 21-15/21-14 victory over Tzu Wei WANG.

A 100% Japanese final as Kento MOMOTA won 21-10/21-19 against Chinese Lan Xi LEI.

Women’s singles :

Korea's Ga Eun KIM wins in 2 sets against Asuka TAKAHASHI: 21-16/21-7.

Indonesian Ester Nurumi Tri WARDOYO, present in Orléans, lost in 3 sets 21-14/15-21/21-12 to Japanese Tomoka MIYAZAKI.

Men’s doubles :

Chinese Taipei's LEE and YANG won in 2 sets against Korea's KANG and SEO (21-19/21-18).

The LEE / WANG pair qualified for the final. They beat the LEE / LEE pair 21-17/21-6.

Women’s doubles :

Japan's HIROKAMI / KATO won in 3 sets 21-23/22-20/21-17 against the HSU / LIN pair.

At home, Korea's JEONG / KIM also won in 3 sets 12-21/21-19/21-16 against Japan's HOBARA / SUIZU.

Mixed doubles :

SEO et CHAE s’imposent 21-14/21-17 contre CHEN / TOH et vont en fi SEO and CHAE win 21-14/21-17 against CHEN / TOH and advance to the finals.nales.

China's JIANG and WEI in the final! Victory in 2 sets over GOH and LAI: 21-19/21-15.

Finals :

Men’s singles :

In this 100% Japanese final, Kento MOMOTA triumphed 21-16/21-15 over Koki WATANABE, present at the OMB by VICTOR 2023.

Women’s singles :

At home, number 1 seed Ga Eun KIM defeated Tomoka MIYAZAKI: 19-21/21-17/21-12.

Men’s doubles :

The title went to LEE and YANG, who beat LEE and WANG 21-17/21-19 in the final.

Women’s doubles :

Another home victory, as Korea's JEONG / KIM win 21-12/21-19 over Japan's HIROKAMI / KATO.

Mixed doubles :

A Korean pair wins again here. SEO and CHAE won in 2 sets 21-14/21-15 against the Chinese JIANG and WEI.

We'll be back soon to relive and follow the players who came to Orleans Masters Badminton during the Kumamoto Masters Japan 2023 (super500) in Kumamoto, Japan.

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