5 February 2024

From January 30 to February 4, 2024, the PRINCESS SIRIVANNAVARI Thailand Masters 2024 took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Let's take a look back at this super300 tournament, where we meet up with some of the players who have played at Orléans Masters Badminton!

Quarter-finals :

Men’s singles :

Winner at the Orleans Masters Badminton presented by VICTOR 2018. Mark CALJOUW qualifies for the semi-finals following his 21-19/21-15 victory over Mithun MANJUNATH.

Representing Chinese Taipei, Tien Chen CHOU won 12-21/21-17/23-21 against Chun-Yi LIN, who will be at Orléans in 2023.

Li Yang SU wins in 2 sets against Ka Long Angus NG: 21-18/21-13.

Kean Yew LOH qualifies for the semi-finals following his victory over Japan's Takuma OBAYASHI: 21-13/21-13.

Women’s singles :

Winner of the Orléans Masters 2021, Busanan ONGBAMRUNGPHAN won 18-21/22-20/21-14 against her compatriot Ratchanok INTANON.

In 3 sets, Aya OHORI won 15-21/22-20/21-18 against Nozomi OKUHARA.

At home, Supinada KATETHONG beat Wen Chi HSU 21-17/21-11.

India's Ashmita CHALIHA qualifies for the semi-finals with a 21-14/19-21/21-13 victory over Ester Nurumi Tri WARDOYO.

Men’s doubles :

The pair JOMKROH / KEDREN qualified for the semi-finals after a 21-14/16-21/21-15 victory over the German pair LAMFUSS / SEIDEL.

SUKPHUN and TEERARATSAKUL beat KOGA and SAITO: 14-21/21-17/22-20.

The HE / REN pair beat the SONDERGAARD / TOFT pair 21-18/21-14.

On to the semi-finals for the FIKRI / MAULANA pair, finalists at the Orléans Masters by VICTOR 2023, winners here in 3 sets against the LEE / YANG pair: 15-21/21-9/21-18.

Women’s doubles :

The Chinese pair LI / LUO beat the CORBETT / LEE pair 21-13/21-10.

China's LI and LIU lost to LEE and SHIN in the quarters: 21-17/21-16.

On to the semi-finals for Indonesians KUSUMA and PRATIWI, who won in 3 sets 21-12/17-21/23-21 against the Indian pair JOLLY / PULLELA.

At home, the AIMSAARD / AIMSAARD pair got the better of the MIANTORO / SETIANINGRUM pair: 21-9/21-7.

Mixed doubles :

The PUAVARANUKROH / TAERATTANACHAI pair won 21-16/21-13 against the YAMASHITA / SHINOYA pair.

Semi-finalists at the OMB by VICTOR 2023, the pair KUSHARJANTO / KUSUMAWATI beat the pair FERDINANSYAH / WIDJAJA 22-20/21-17.

In this quarter-final, the Japanese duo MIDORIKAWA / SAITO won 21-16/21-16 against the Thai pair OUPTHONG and SUDJAIPRAPARAT.

Winners at the Orléans Masters by VICTOR in 2023, CHEN / TOH win 21-13/25-23 against Dutchmen TABELING and PIEK.

Semi-finals :

Men’s singles :

2018 Orléans winner Mark CALJOUW lost 21-15/21-12 to Tien Chen CHOU.

In the final, he will meet Kean Yew LOH, who emerged victorious from his duel with Li Yang SU (21-14/21-14).

Women’s singles :

2-set victory for Japan's Aya OHORI 21-16/21-12 over her compatriot Busanan from Thailand ONGBAMRUNGPHAN.

At home, Supanida KATETHONG won 21-13/21-12 against India's Ashmita CHALIHA.

Men’s doubles :

A duel between compatriot pairs at home, the SUKPHUN / TEERARATSAKUL pair won 24-22/21-13 against the JOMKOH / KEDREN pair.

The Chinese pair HE / REN won in 2 sets 21-15/21-6 at the expense of FIKRI and MAULANA.

Women’s doubles :

China's LI and LUO advance to the finals following their 21-15/21-18 wins over Korea's LEE and SHIN.

The KUSUMA / PRATIWI pair, quarter-finalists at the Orléans Masters by VICTOR 2023, lost 21-14/21-11 to the AIMSAARD / AIMSAARD pair.

Mixed doubles :

Seeded number 1, Thailand's PUAVARANUKROH / TAERATTANACHAI won 21-17/21-14 against KUSHARJANTO / KUSUMAWATI.

The CHEN / TOH pair won easily 21-11/21-17 against the Japanese pair MIDORIKAWA / SAITO.

Finals :

Men’s singles :

Tien Chen CHOU won the super300 tournament with a 21-16/6-21/21-16 victory over Kean Yew LOH.

Women’s singles :

Japan's Aya OHORI takes the title following her 18-21/21-17/21-13 victory over Supanida KATATHONG.

Men’s doubles :

At home, Thailand's SUKPHUN and TEERARATSAKUL lost the final 16-21/21-14/21-13 to the HE / REN pair.

Women’s doubles :

The Thai pair AIMSAARD / AIMSAARD won in 3 sets 21-13/17-21/27-25 against the Chinese pair LI / LUO.

Mixed doubles :

After a victory last week, the Thai pair PUAVARANUKHOH / TAERATTANACHAI won 21-12/21-18 against the pair CHEN / TOH.

We'll be back soon to relive and follow the players who came to the Orleans Masters Badminton by VICTOR during the YONEX German Open 2024 in Mulheim, Germany.

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