VICTOR Denmark Open 2023

23 October 2023
VICTOR Denmark Open 2023

The VICTOR Denmark Open 2023 was held in Odense from 17 to 22 October.

Let's take a look back at this super750 tournament, where we meet up with some of the players who have taken part in the Orléans Masters Badminton!

Quarter-finals :

Men’s singles :

At the OMB presented by VICTOR 2023, Japan's Kenta NISHIMOTO lost in 2 sets to Zii Jia LEE: 21-18/21-18.

Hong Kong's Cheuk Yiu LEE continued his progress towards the semi-finals with a 21-17/21-12 victory over Denmark's Rasmus GEMKE.

Victory in 2 sets 21-11/21-19 for China's Yu Qi SHI against Indonesia's Kean Yew LOH.

A second Chinese player qualifies for the semi-finals. Hong Yang WENG won 21-15/21-9 against number 2 seed Anthony Sinisuka GINTING.

Women’s singles :

Compatriot duel: Yi Man ZHANG lost in 3 sets 21-14/12-21/21-17 to Yue HAN.

Here we find a second 100% Chinese duel. Yu Fei Chen won 21-15/21-18 against Bing Jiao HE.

The Spanish winner of the 2023 OMB presented by VICTOR, Carolina MARIN, won a tight match 19-21/21-15/21-18 against Tzu Ying TAI.

In the last quarter-final, India's V. Sindhu PUSARLA defeated Thailand's Supanida KATETHONG 21-19/21-12.

Men’s doubles :

The Indonesian pair ALFIAN / ARDIANTO won 2 sets to 0 against the Korean representatives JIN / NA: 21-15/21-14.

A second Indonesian pair qualified for the semi-finals, FIKRI and MAULANA winning 22-22/19-21/21-15 against the pair representing chinese taipei LEE / YANG.

The Danish pair ASTRUP / RASMUSSEN won in 3 sets against the pair ONG / TEO: 21-19/11-21/21-14.

In 3 tight sets, CHIA and SOH beat the pair HE and REN: 24-22/18-21/21-12.

Women’s doubles :

The number 1 seeded pair CHEN / JIA defeated the pair YEUNG / YEUNG in 2 sets: 21-14/21-15.

3-set victory for the Japanese pair IWANAGA / NAKANISHI 17/21-18/23-21 over ZHANG / ZHENG.

The AIMSAARD / AIMSAARD pair lost in 2 sets to the Japanese MATSUYAMA / SHIDA: 21-16/21-14.

Third Japanese pair to reach semi-finals. The MATSUMOTO / NAGAHAR pair won in 3 sets 17-21/21-14/21-17 against the Indonesian KUSUMA / PRATIWI.

Mixed doubles :

The Chinese pair ZHENG / HUANG defeated the Indonesian pair PUAVARANUKROH / TAERATTANACHAI in 3 sets: 21-10/18-21/21-15.

Unfortunately, the French pair GICQUEL / DELRUE, winners of the 2019 OMB presented by VICTOR, lost to the pair SEO / CHAE in 3 sets: 22-24/21-19/22-20.

The Chinese duo FENG / HUANG qualify for the semi-finals following a victory over the duo KIM / JEONG: 18-21/21-14/21-13.

The Danish pair CHRISTIANSEN / BOJE in mixed doubles at the Orléans Masters Badminton presented by VICTOR 2023 beat YE / LEE in the quarter-finals in 3 sets: 21-17/18-21/21-13.

Semi-finals :

Men’s singles :

Zii Jia LEE heads for the final. He defeated Cheuk Yiu LEE in 2 sets: 21-15/21-17.

China's Hong Yang WENG defeated his compatriot Yu Qi SHI 21-19/21-14.

Women’s singles :

On to the final for China's Yu Fei CHEN after a 21-18/21-12 victory over Yue HAN.

Carolina MARIN, winner of the Orleans Masters Badminton presented by VICTOR 2023, qualifies for the final following her 21-18/19-21/21-7 victory over India's V. Sindhu PUSARLA.

Men’s doubles :

Indonesia's ALFIAN / ARDIANTO beat Korea's JIN / NA: 21-15/21-14.

The Indonesian pair FIKRI / MAULANA won in 3 sets 22-20/19-21/21-15 against the Chinese taipei pair LEE / YANG.

Women’s doubles :

China's CHEN and JIA qualify for the final against Japan's IWANAGA / NAKANISHI: 17-21/21-18/23-21.

In this 100% Japanese duel, MATSUYAMA / SHIDA beat MATSUMOTO / NAGAHARA 12-21/21-13/21-14.

Mixed doubles :

The Chinese ZHENG / HUANG win 21-16/21-16 against SEO / CHAE and advance to the finals(21-16/21-16).

Yan Zhe FENG and Dong Ping HUANG in the final! Victory in 2 sets over Danish home team CHRISTIANSEN and BOJE at the OMB presented by VICTOR 2023: 21-13/21-19.

Finals :

Men’s singles :

Hong Yang WENG won in 2 sets against Malaysian Zii JIA LEE, 21-12/21-6. It's another major title added to his list of achievements.

Women’s singles :

In the women's category, too, a Chinese woman came out on top. Yu Fei CHEN beat Spain's Carolina MARIN 21-14/21-19.

Men’s doubles :

The FIKRI / MAULANA pair lost here in the final to the Danish pair CHIA / SOH 21-13/21-17.

Women’s doubles :

In the women's doubles final, number 1 seed CHEN / JIA beat MATSUYAMA / SHIDA 21-16/21-13.

Mixed doubles :

In this 100% Chinese duel, the pair FENG / Dong Ping HUANG were crowned champions following their 16-21/21-15/26-24 victory over the pair ZHENG / Ya Qiong HUANG.

We'll be back very soon to relive and follow the players who came to Orléans Masters Badminton during the 2023 edition of the YONEX French Open Super750 tournament, which takes place from October 24 in Rennes, France.

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