DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2024

29 January 2024
DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2024

The DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2024 took place from January 23 to 28 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Let's take a look back at this super750 tournament, where we meet up with some of the players who have taken part in the Orléans Masters Badminton!

Quarter-finals :

Men’s singles :

Present at the Orleans Masters Badminton presented by VICTOR 2023. Denmark's Anders ANTONSEN qualifies for the semi-finals following his 21-17/21-17 victory over China's Lan Yi LEI.

Kunlavut VITIDSARN defeats India's Kiran GEORGE, who will be at Orléans in 2023: (21-14/21-16).

At home, Indonesia's Anthony Sinisuka GINTING won in 2 sets against Kean Yew LOH: 21-17/21-19.

Canadian Brian YANG qualifies for the semi-finals after Zii Jia LEE withdraws at the end of the first set: 21-14 Withdrawal.

Women’s singles :

In this duel between Chinese players, Fang Jie GAO, present at the Orléans Masters by VICTOR 2023, lost 21-18/21-15 to Zhi Yi WANG.

In 3 sets, Bing Jiao HE won 21-15/18-21/21-19 against China's Yue HAN.

After a tight first set, Japan's Nozomi OKUHARA came out on top against Gregoria Mariska TUNJUNG: 22-20/21-11.

Japan's Natsuki NIDAIRA qualifies for the semi-finals with a 21-16/21-12 victory over Ratchanok INTANON.

Men’s doubles :

In this duel between 2 pairs coming to the OMB by VICTOR 2023, Indonesia's CARNANDO / MARTHIN beat Denmark's LUNDGAARD / VESTEGAARD 21-14/21-12.

ALFIAN and ARDIANTO beat FIKRI and MAULANA: 21-13/21-12.

LIU / OU beat GUTAMA / ISFAHANI 11-21/21-19/21-6.

Heading for the semi-finals, the Danish pair ASTRUP / RASMUSSEN beat the KAOSAMAANG / THONGSA-NGA pair in 2 sets: 21-7/25-23.

Women’s doubles :

The Chinese pair LIU / LI lost 18-21/21-17/21-10 to the pair KITITHARAKUL / PRAJONGJAI.

Semi-finalists at the OMB by VICTOR 2023, Denmark's FRUERGAARD and THYGESEN lost to China's ZHANG and ZHENG in the quarters: 21-18/23-21.

On to the semi-finals for China's LIU and TAN, who beat the TAN / THINAAH pair 21-16/21-9 in 2 sets.

At home, the MAYASARI / SUGIARTO pair got the better of the JILLE / SEINEN pair: 21-10/21-16.

Mixed doubles :

The Chinese pair ZHENG / HUANG won 18-21/21-18/21-13 against the pair TAN / LAI.

The TABELING / PIEK pair lost 15-21/21-18/21-15 to the KIM / JEONG pair.

In this quarter-final, Japan's MIDORIKAWA / SAITO won 13-21/21-16/21-17 against China's JIANG and WEI.

Semi-finalists in Orléans in 2023, KUSHARJANTO / KUSUMAWATI lost 21-15/21-17 to Denmark's TOFT and GRAVERSEN.

Semi-finals :

Men’s singles :

Denmark's Anders ANTONSEN, who will be at Orléans in 2023, qualifies for the final following his 21-14/21-8 victory over Kunvalut VITIDSARN.

In the final, he will meet Canadian Brian YANG, who emerged victorious from his duel with Anthony Sinisuka GINTING (13-21/21-17/21-19).

Women’s singles :

2-set victory for China's Zhi Yi WANG 18-21/21-14/21-7 over compatriot Bing Jiao HE.

Quarter-finalist in Orléans, Japan's Natsuki NIDAIRA lost to Nozomi OKUHARA: 21-16/24-22.

Men’s doubles :

At home, the CARNANDO / MARTHIN pair qualified for the final! Victory 19-21/21-14/21-17 over ALFIAN / ARDIANTO.

The Danish pair ASTRUP / RASMUSSEN beat China's LIU / OU in 2 sets 21-14/21-19.

Women’s doubles :

China's ZHANG and ZHENG advance to the finals following their 21-12/12-21/21-14 victories over Thailand's KITITHARAKUL and PRAJONGJAI.

In a rematch of the semi-final of the Orléans Masters by VICTOR 2023, the Chinese once again beat the MAYASARI / SUGIARTO pair 21-14/21-11.

Mixed doubles :

The Chinese pair ZHENG / HUANG beat KIM / JEONG 21-11/21-18.

The MIDORIKAWA / SAITO pair won easily 21-13/21-13 against the Danish pair TOFT / GRAVERSEN.

Finals :

Men’s singles :

Present at the Orléans Masters presented by VICTOR 2023, Denmark's Anders ANTONSEN wins the Indonesia Masters. Victory 18-21/21-13/21-18 over Canadian Brian YANG.

Women’s singles :

China's Zhi Yi WANG wins the title over Japan's Nozomi OKUHARA. (21-14/21-13).

Men’s doubles :

At home, Indonesia's CARNANDO / MARTHIN won the final 21-12/20-22/21-11 against the Danish pair ASTRUP / RASMUSSEN.

Women’s doubles :

Chinese finalists LIU and TAN of the OMB by VICTOR 2023 won here 10-21/21-19/22-20 against the Chinese pair ZHANG / ZHENG.

Mixed doubles :

The top-seeded pair ZHENG / HUANG (1) easily beat the Japanese pair IDORIKAWA / SAITO 21-15/21-16.

We'll be back very soon to relive and follow the players who came to the Orleans Masters Badminton by VICTOR during the PRINCESS SIRIVANNAVARI Thaïland Masters 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand.

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