Hylo Open 2022

10 November 2022
Hylo Open 2022

Two weeks ago occured, from 1st to 6th November 2022, the Hylo Open 2022 tournament in Germany which welcomes again some players from our different editions.

Then, we have followed them and noted their performances (going with some thrills !)

◾Concerning our French players, they gave all they have to try land a good place :

Men's Single : after his different victories during all the tournament, Toma Junior POPOV, winner of our 2022 edition, bowed in semi-final before the Taiwanese CHOU Tien Chen (17-21/11-21) by finishing 3rd/4rth on the podium for his category.

Mixed Doubles : despite their good fight, Thom GICQUEL and Delphine DELRUE, the French mixed duo winner of the Orléans Masters 2019 edition, is unfortunately not qualified for the final and ends at the 3rd/4rth place of the podium, submitting by 2 sets to 1 (23-21/14-21/7-21) facing the Indonesian pair KUSHARJANTO et KUSUMAWATI, in 2nd place of our podium in 2022.

This Indonesian pair meets the final and wins the 1st place of Hylo Open 2022 in the Mixed Doubles category in 2 sets (21-17/21-15) against the Chinese duo FENG Yan Zhe/HUANG Dong Ping.

◾On English side, Sean VENDY et Ben LANE, winner duo of our 2021 edition, stop themselves too in front of the final's doors, after fighting at the 2nd set (9-21/17-21) facing the Taiwanese pair LEE Jhe-Huei/YANG Po-Hsuan.

◾Thus, we find these finalists on the podium : 

Men's single : the Indonesian Anthony Sinisuka GINTING lands the first place of his category against the Taiwanese CHOU Tien Chen by 2 difficult sets to 1 for the last (18-21/21-11/24-22).

Women's single : for this category, it's the Chinese Yue HAN who holds the title for these Hylo Open ; she wins facing ZHANG Yi Man in 2 sets (21-18/21-16)

Men's double : Ching Yao LU/Po Han YANG, the Taiwanese duo, stand out by their performances, by 2 sets to 1 difficult (11-21/21-17/25-23) facing their Taiwanese competitors LEE Jhe-Huei/YANG Po-Hsuan. Then come Sean VENDY and Ben LANE.

Women's double : the Thai sisters AIMSAARD, Benyapa et Nuntakarn, win their first place of the category by 2 sets to 1 (21-18/18-21/21-17) in front of the Thai opposition Jongkolphan KITITHARAKUL/Rawinda PRAJONGJAI, finalist duo of our Women's double 2021 edition.  

Mixed double : finally, as announced above, Rehan Naufal KUSHARJANTO/ Lisa Ayu KUSUMAWATI, the Indonesian pair who finished in the 2nd place during our 2022 edition, win now in first position of these Hylo Open in their category.

Other championships and international tournaments will occur before the end of the year and before finding Orleans Masters Badminton again in April 2023. 

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