12 September 2023

From September 5 to 10, 2023, the VICTOR China open 2023 took place in Changzhou, China.

Let's take a look back at this super1000 tournament, where we meet up with some of the players who have played at Orléans Masters Badminton!

Quarter-finals :

Men’s singles :

World n°1 Viktor AXELSEN asserts his superiority by qualifying for the semi-finals against Tzu Wei WANG in 3 sets: 20-22/21-6/21-14.

Match between fellow Indonesians Shesar Hiren RHUSTAVITO and Jonatan CHRISTIE. The top-ranked Indonesian Jonatan CHRISTIE qualified for the semi-finals with a score of 21-12/21-17.

At home, China's Yu Qi SHI won a close match against Japan's Kodai NARAOKA in 3 sets: 18-21/21-9/22-20.

He will meet another compatriot, Guang Zu LU, who eliminated Japan's Kanta TSUNEYAMA: 14-21/21-18/21-8.

Women’s singles :

We find the world number 1 Se Young AN who wins in 3 sets against the Chinese Yue HAN on the score of: 15-21/21-15/21-17.

No semi-finals for Spanish OMB 2023 winner Carolina MARIN, who lost 1 set to 2 to Tzu Ying TAI: 17-21/21-10/19-21.

Compatriot duel at home. Yu Fei CHEN defeats Bong Jiao HE in 2 sets: 21-18/21-11.

Japan's Akane YAMAGUCHI easily defeated Denmark's Line Hojmark KJAERSFELDT 21-15/21-13.

Men’s doubles :

Japan's HOKI / KOBAYASHI win 2 sets to 0 against Denmark's ASTRUP / RASMUSSEN: 21-12/21-17.

Chinese duel at home, the LIANG / WANG pair beat the LIU / OU pair: 21-18/21-19.

The CHIA / SOH pair won the match against their compatriots ONG / TEO in 3 sets: 19-21/21-19/21-11.

Korea's KANG / SEO qualify for the semi-finals after beating Indonesia's FIKRI / MAULANA in 2 sets 21-16/21-17.

Women’s doubles :

We find the number 1 seeded pair, China's CHEN / JIA, qualified for the semi-finals following their victories over Japan's FUKUSHIMA / HIROTA: 21-18/21-11.

Japan's MATSUYAMA / SHIDA dominated and won against the MATSUMOTO / NAGAHARA pair in 2 sets 21-14/21-16.

The Japanese pair MIYAURA / SAKURAMOTO qualified for the semi-finals in 3 sets against the Chinese pair LIU / TAN: 20-22/21-18/21-16.

The Korean pair BAEK / LEE beat the RAHAYU / RAMADHANTI pair in 3 sets: 21-15/18-21/21-10.

Mixed doubles :

The Korean pair SEO / CHAE beat the Chinese pair ZHENG / HUANG in 3 sets: 17-21/21-13/21-17.

TAN and LAI won in 2 sets against PUAVARANUKROH and TAERATTANACHAI: 21-18/21-19.

Malaysian duo CHEN / TOH qualify for the semi-finals following a victory over Korean duo YE / LEE: 21-18/21-19.

The French pair GICQUEL / DELRUE, mixed doubles champions of the 2019 Orléans Masters Badminton, earn a place in the semi-finals against the Japanese WATANABE / HIGASHINO in 2 sets: 22-20/21-14.


Men’s singles :

Favourite Viktor AXELSEN continued his domination and qualified for the final with a 2-set victory over Jonatan CHRISTIE: 21-17/21-14.

At home, Guang Zu LU won in 2 sets against Yu QI SHI: 21-13/21-14.

Women’s singles :

To no one's surprise, Se Young AN won his duel against Tzu Ying TAI: 21-18/21-14.

Number 2 seed Akane YAMAGUCHI qualifies for the final, beating Yu Fei CHEN in 3 sets: 19-21/21-15/21-17.

Men’s doubles :

It was the end of the road for Japan's two representatives, as HOKI and KOBAYASHI lost 1 set to 2 to China's LIANG and WANG, who now qualify for the final! (21-16/20-22/22-20).

The Malaysian pair CHIA / SOH won in 2 sets 21-18/21-17 against the Korean pair KANG/SEO.

Women’s doubles :

China's CHEN and JIA at home assert their superiority against the Japanese pair MATSUYAMA/SHIDA: 20-22/21-15/21-16.

The Korean pair BAEK / LEE win in 2 sets against the Japanese MIYAURA and SAKURAMOTO: 21-18/21-14.

Mixed doubles :

Korea's SEO/CHAE beat TAN/LAI 21-19/21-11 to advance to the finals.

Thom GICQUEL and Delphine DELRUE in the final! Victory in 2 sets against CHEN and TOH: 21-16/21-13.

A final with a chance of a title for the French ...

Finals :

Men’s singles :

Viktor AXELSEN won the final against China's Guang Zu LU in 2 sets, 21-16/21-19. This is another major title added to his list of achievements.

Women’s singles :

In the women's event, the number 1 seed also came out on top. Se Young AN won 21-10/21-19 against Japan's Akane YAMAGUCHI.

Men’s doubles :

The title for the Chinese on home soil. LIANG and WANG won the final against Malaysians CHIA and SOH easily 21-12/21-14.

Women’s doubles :

Another final won by a Chinese pair. In the women's doubles final, the pair CHEN / JIA beat the Korean pair BAEK / LEE 21-11/21-17.

Mixed doubles :

Defeat for the French pair GICQUEL / DELRUE despite good resistance in the first set. The Korean pair SEO / CHAE won 21-19/21-12. All in all, a fine showing for our French pair.

We'll be back soon to relive and follow the players who came to Orléans Masters Badminton during the 2023 edition of the Victor Hong Kong Open (Super500 tournament), which takes place tomorrow in Hong Kong, China.

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